Difference Between Warts And Skin Tags | How Effective Is Homeopathy For Wart Removal?

Warts are contagious and they spread when they come in contact with each other. People sharing towels, hairbrushes or razors can get affected by the virus. Those in sexual relationships will affect their partners. People often mistake warts on skin tags.

Sudden growths on the skin are disturbing and even though some share similarities they are different and need to be treated differently too. Warts and skin tags are two such growths on the skin that are often mistaken to be the same. Homeopathy treatment for warts is really effective. But first, let us understand the difference between these two skin growths.

Difference Between Skin Tags and Warts


Appearance – Warts are brown or grey in color, look like blisters, they are solid, have a rough surface with tiny black spots on them. Filiform warts have a small base but project out on the above like a dome. Flat warts are just mildly raised from the skin. Plantar warts have a smooth surface because they occur on the soles and friction makes their rough surface smoother.

Cause – They are known as verrucae in medical terms and are caused because of virus in the HPV or Human Papillomavirus. The HPV stimulates cell growth and causes warts on the body. There are more than 150 types of HPV and each type favors a distinct body part.

Areas of Occurrence – Warts can occur anywhere on the body but the most common sites of their occurrence are hands, legs, fingers, and arms. Flat warts are frequently seen on arms and legs. Both Filiform and Plantar occur mostly on the face.

Skin Tags:

Appearance – Skin tags are also known as acrochordons. They are skin colored or brown growths on the skin. They are small and have a tiny stalk which keeps then connected to the skin. The texture of skin tags is soft and they are non-cancerous. Although they are usually small but sometimes they grow more than their regular size. Usually, they grow more in numbers in one site but they are also found in single growths.

Cause – Skin tags are not an infection. They are mostly caused when our skin rubs together and the friction caused leads to the occurrence of skin tags. They may also be caused because of hormonal imbalances.

Areas of Occurrence – Some common areas where skin tags develop are neck, armpits, and groin. These are the places where skin friction usually occurs. They may also come up under the breasts of women. Several people also get them on their eyelids. People who are obese get skin tags in the folds of skin on the back or their belly area.

How Effective is Homeopathy for Wart Removal?

Although warts are harmless but their occurrence, especially on hands or face, is not quite pleasing and people like to get rid of it immediately. Conventionally they are treated by burning, freezing, shaving or digging it out. There are probably other ways too but all of it is painful, usually leave behind scars and they regrow again. Warts treatment in homeopathy, however, is done differently. It reaches to the virus that is making your body susceptible and causing warts.

Here are some common homeopathic medicines for warts.

  • ThujaOccidentalis or Thuj– This is used for warts on the sole of feet or isolated and pointy which bleed easily. Thuj is also great for genital warts.
  • AntinoniumCrudum or Ant-C – People having smooth and solid hard warts are given this medicine. People with such type of warts will have digestive problems.
  • NitricumAcidum or Nit-Ac – Some warts are itchy and gold yellow in color. They usually itch and bleed. This homeopathic medicine works best for such warts. Even the plantar warts are treated with this medicine.

There are several more medicines for warts which you can consult a good homeopath and then take. Dr.Morlawar’s homeopathic treatment is world famous and we also offer online consultation to our patients. Visit us today for more info.

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