Effects Of Thyroid On Female Health

thyroid treatment in homeopathy

Effects Of Thyroid On Female Health

Thyroid is a very common health problem which is being diagnosed in most of the women. This health issue affect people of all ages including men and women but sadly it remain undiagnosed and untreated in most of the cases. Even though Thyroid does not take a severe form in the men but women suffer a lot from this issue. Thyroid is nothing but a gland in the endocrine system which regulates the secretion of hormones and health issues are created when there is an imbalance in the hormone secretion.

Thyroid is basically two types, hypothyroidism (under production) and hyperthyroidism (over production). Thyroid can be treated several ways but the thyroid treatment in homeopathy is really effective than other ways. Homeopathic medicine for hyperthyroidism regulates the secretion of hormone thus helps keeping the situation under control.

Thyroid has severe effects on female health and the effects are explained below in details.


Thyroid causes higher level of irregularity in menstruation. You may experience early menstruation, late menstruation, absent periods etc. Also, while thyroid can sometimes be reason of light menstruation it can cause a heavy menstruation as well.

Adverse effect on the reproduction:

Reproduction system is also adversely affected on women due to thyroid. Ovulation is highly required in women body that is required for fertilization. Ovulation is the process of egg release from ovaries and hyperthyroidism prevents in proper ovulation. So, it can prevent you from getting pregnant. Cyst development is another thing women can experience due to this thyroid hormone imbalance. However, thyroid Treatment in Homeopathy can help you get rid of the issue with time.

Pregnancy related issue:

Even though you get pregnant somehow in spite of your thyroid disorder, you are bound to face several kind of health issues during pregnancy due to under and over release of this hormone. While hyperthyroidism causes too much morning sickness in the pregnant women hypothyroidism can cause other issues like stillbirth, premature delivery, miscarriage etc. So, thyroid should never be ignored for good reason.


Menopause is another cause of thyroid in the women. Normally mid 40 or 50 is the perfect age for menopause. But, women with this health issue can face menopause too early. Some women have claimed of facing menopause at the early 40 which is actually very bad for health.


Insomnia or sleep deprivation is one of the major issues these days that is chasing most of the people. And, unfortunately, hyperthyroidism is a great reason of insomnia among women.

Thyroid can never be neglected once diagnosed. Numerous ways are there to treat this disorder while homeopathy treatment for thyroid is one of the most efficient and reliable way.

Why choose Dr.Morlawar’s Homeopathy:

Every patient are treated based on their health condition and severity of Thyroid disease. Even though homeopathy treatment takes times to heal, but the final result is really fruitful. Dr.Morlawar’s Homeopathy ensures no side effects and on-time medicine intake prescribed by our doctors will help in living a worry free life. If you are looking for the most comfortable and pain free way to treat your thyroid disorder, nothing can be good than our trusted homeopathic clinic.

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