Why Kidney Stone Occurs? What Are Its Symptoms?

Why Kidney Stone Occurs? What Are Its Symptoms?

Kidney stones occur due to the accumulation of liquefied mineral deposits and salts on the internal part of the kidneys. These deposits generally comprises of calcium oxalate and other composites. The kidney stones might be small and can also cause extreme pain as they move out of body. Although there are many medications, you can also go for homeopathic treatment for kidney stones . Using homeopathic medicines for a kidney stone, you can lessen your risk of recurring kidney stones in your body.

Causes of Kidney Stones


Many diseases occur due to genetic makeup of a person. You would have seen that some people are more inclined to building up of kidney stones in their body, and their heredity might play a role in it. Most of the kidney stone are built from calcium, and other elements. Some people’s body are more susceptible to accumulation of calcium in their body.

Food Intake

Food people consume might not really be a factor in causing kidney stones. However, if a person’s body is prone to creating stones, and they consume foods with high percentage of animal proteins and sodium on regular basis, it can increase the risk of forming kidney stones.

Pills and Tablets

Many people take medicines with or without prescriptions that contain high percentage of calcium, and some vitamins in them. In turn, it can escalate the volume of calcium in their urine and ultimately leading to formation of stones, potentially increase their risk of forming stones.

Diseases and ailments

There are some diseases or ailments that can cause the building up of stones in the kidney. Diseases like cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel diseases etc. are linked with the formation of kidney stone.

Symptoms of Stones In Kidney

Usually, it can be difficult to detect the kidney stone. You might not be able to trace its symptoms until the stones move around inside your kidney or pass through your ureter. Given below are some of the symptoms of kidney stone that can help you check if you are suffering from this problem:

  • Extreme pain in back and side of your body
  • Fluctuating pain and cramping in the lower belly
  • Urine in brown, red, or pink color, and pain while urinating
  • Smelly urine
  • Unsettled stomach and retching
  • Urinating a lot more than usual

Even though usually a surgery is recommended for kidney stones, homeopathic medicines can split and liquefy the kidney stone, and get them out of the body without any medical surgery.

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