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Name – Rajdeep Dey 2 yrs back i had started treatment of Rajdeep in Dr Morlawars. he had an Rheumatoid Arhtritis problem. every 15 – 20 days he used to have high fever which lasted for 4 – 5 days with severe joint pains. we carried treatment earlier in kolkata for 5 yrs, but problem remained same. my son became weak. after continuation of treatment here i observed great sign of improvement, if at all he is having fever and joint pains it is once in 3 – 4 mnths, that too very negligeble . he is more lively in his activities. iam greatly happy with Rajdeep’s improvemennt here. i thought he will not be able to recover from his problem after being to many rheumatologists in vain. many thanks to Dr Sriknath Morlawar and his team. thanks sir, Ramesh Dey[ father of Rajdeep


I Mrs Lavanya under treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis for 12 months and now cured of my problem after treatment at Dr Morlawars. I am from Manchiryal and i first visited Dr.Ramesh clinic for all tests and after the tests i was diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis charged about 50000 and here i got better improvement with low cost


My son Abdullah 11 yrs was suffering from skin allergy since 2 yrs. we consulted our locality Dr, there was temporary relief. then i consulted ENT specialist. there he was treated for more than 1 yr. as i was unsatisfied with treatment i shifted to another specialist after diagnosing completely the doctor advised steroidal treatment, but by son was too small and i got scared about the side effects of steroids. then i got the address of Dr Morlawars through my friend. i started treatment 6 ½ months ago and now i am satisfied with this treatment as there were no side effects with this treatment. my son is relieved off his complaints. thanks to Dr Morlawars.


I am Priyanka. As i got systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) took treatment at Dr Morlawars for 16 months but my complaint got subsided in 6 months up to 50% and i completely recovered within 14 months. i am very happy with the result. thanks to Dr Morlawars.


I am Shashi Rekha under treatment of Dr Srikant Morlawar for Osteo Arthritis. I am happy that i am able to walk without any pain. i thank Dr Morlawar for giving me this relief. let the services of Dr Morlawar go on for ever and ever.


I am Laxmi Ravindra cosulted Dr Srikath Morlawar at Balanagr clinic,Hyderabad for Psoriatic Arhtropathy and psoriasis patches. Doctor advised the treatment for one year which lasted in dec2010 on completion of the treatment , i find myself cured almost complete of my problems. i could walk in society without any mental trauma due to patches and no physical pain due to psoriatic arhtropathy. thanks to Dr Srikanth Morlawar and his Jr Doctors.with greetings. Lakshmi Ravindra.


I am Mayuri. had been visiting Dr Srikanth Morlawar @ Dr Morlawars since almost 8 mnths for Ankylosing Spondylitis of hip ,before starting the treatment here i was almost immobile due to pain especially in early mornings. i was almost kind of handicapped due to pain. because of this i did not go to my office for about 6 months and i lost all hopes of my recovery before coming to Dr Morlawars but now the problem is no more persisting and im very much relieved. the relief was gradual and consitent. Also i was very well taken care by Dr Srikanth and very much happy with treatment given and recovery. now i am going to my office without any discomfort. thanks to Dr Morlawar