Srikant Morlawar

Having worked in the field of Homeopathy for 30 years and treating patients across the globe, Dr Srikant Morlawar started Morlawar’s homeopathy chain with 50+ clinics across south India. Apart from being a benevolent doctor, he is known for his generous giving through his philanthropic activities catering to the lower strata of the society. He holds positions of honour in various platforms and an ardent supporter of Homeopathy.

Being a brink of Knowledge, he also hosts conferences, seminars and CME’s for a myriad of Homeopathic doctors all across the world to teach and promote the inventions in medication done by him to treat complicated diseases. He is also featured in various reputed TV Channels like TV9, TV5, NTV, ETV and more.

His accolades include honorary awards like

  • Dhanwanthary
  • Sushrut
  • Best Homeopathic Doctor and more

A Gifted and blessed with multiple talents, Dr. Srikant Morlawar is a Teacher, Researcher, great visionary, administrator, blessed physician, orator and a compassionate person.


Morlawar's Homeopathy

Dr Morlawar’s has been started to help patients all across the globe to get the best Homeopathic medication treating health conditions of all kinds be it chronic and untreatable as well. Having over 300+ experienced doctors across south india, Dr Morlawar’s has a robust medical system giving the foremost priority to quality in all their practices by implementing strong quality management systems of international standards. Through this, we aim to set the standards and raise the benchmarks of quality treatments in the medical field.

Every doctor works with complete dedication for the better health of the patients and to add value to the organization as well. All the patients are monitored through 3D monitoring systems, the patients can be treated though they are present in any part of the world. The Online Treatment is a breakthrough in the homeopathy field which gives one of the constitutional treatments here, with the advantage of getting the treatment from anywhere. With state of the art facilities, this is one of the largest homeopathic clinic chains in India. With this goliath experience, he is also keen on imparting this knowledge and experience he gained to provide to the students and colleagues. His passion for research birthed new formulae of treating patients through Constitutional Homeopathy.