Homeopathy Treatment
For Lower Back Pain

Homeopathy Treatment for Lower Back Pain

The lower back or lumbar region that starts below the rib cage is a well-structured interconnection of bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles together support the upper back and help in bending and stretching. It is also vulnerable to pain and injuries. This lower back pain can occur suddenly or develop gradually. Everyone can get lower back pain at some point in their life which is caused due to injury to muscle or ligament in the lower spine.

Homeopathy Treatment is very effective and the best suitable solution for lower back pain problems. It is safe and treats the person as a whole, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Homeocare International provides Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment based on the individual constitution to give relief from lower back pain.


● Improper lifting of heavyweights
● Poor posture
● Lack of regular exercise
● A compression fracture or trauma
● Soft Tissue Injuries
● A ruptured disc
● Osteoarthritis
● Structural problem


● Dull pain accompanied by Muscle spasms
● Pain and Stiffness after inactivity
● Difficulty in posture

Homeopathy Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Homeopathy Treatment for lower back pain is safe and effective in controlling the symptoms without causing any side effects. Homeopathy treats the person as a whole to strengthen the immunity system to avoid future occurrences of lower back pain problems occurred due to arthritis, herniated or ruptured disc, and injuries.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Constitutional Homeopathy-Dr Morlawars

At DrMorlawars, the most experienced homeopathy doctors treat patients with advanced genetic Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment after careful analysis of the symptoms and other health conditions of the individual. Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for lower back pain is provided based on individual constitution specifically for a particular patient based on his symptoms and health condition to get the best results from the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I consult a doctor for lower back pain?

You need to consult a homeopathy doctor when you have a fever with muscle spasms, muscle weakness, difficulty in walking or sitting, problems with bowel control, and unexplained weight loss.

2. What are the treatments those work for lower back pain effectively?

Homeopathy treatment works effectively for lower back pain by providing relief from existing symptoms, strengthening the backbone and muscles to avoid future recurrence of lower back pain.

3. What causes lower back pain?

The causes of back pain are wearing and tearing of bones of the spine with age, existing medical conditions like arthritis, ruptured disc, injury or strain, improper lifting of heavyweights, lack of exercise, or poor posture.

4. Does lower Back pain start suddenly or gradually?

In some cases, lower back pains start suddenly due to sudden action causing stain in muscle or ligament, and sometimes it develops gradually with arthritis and other health condition.