Homeopathy Treatment
For Disc Problems

Homeopathy treatment for Disc problems

What is Spine Disc?

The spinal disc is a kind of jelly-like semi-soft round disc made up of collagen fibers and mucoprotein gel. Along the spinal cord, bones (vertebra) are stacked one on top of another separated by a disc. This Spinal disc works just like a shock absorber which helps to keep the vertebra column stable and makes bending and twisting of the spine easily.

Spinal disc problems became common among old age people. They occur due to two main reasons. Either your discs are degenerated or herniated. The lower back pain caused due to degenerated or a herniated disc is unbearable in daily life. It is a day-to-day struggle for them and some people even experience numbness in their arms and legs.

Disc degeneration is an occurrence of wear and tear of a disc which makes it rigid to move. Pain caused by this radiates to the legs and arms. Whereas, a herniated disc is leaking of the soft inner core of the disc through outer collagen wrap that puts pressure on nerves and causes numbness in legs and arms. If this herniated disc touches the sciatic nerve, patients will lose the ability to walk temporarily. A herniated disc is also known as a slipped disc or ruptured disc.

Causes of disc problems

● Genetic factors
● Environmental factors

Symptoms of disc problems

● Back pain
● Pain radiating down the legs
● Worsening pain when bending or sitting for a long time
● Worsening pain associated with activities like coughing or sneezing
● Numbness or shooting pain in the arm or leg when disc cause irritation in nearby nerve

Homeopathy Treatment for Disc Problems

Homeopathy Treatment for disc problems is safe, effective, and noninvasive. Homeopathy treatment helps to halt the further degeneration of discs and to control the pain and stiffness.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Disc Problems-Dr.Morlawar’s

At Dr.Morlawar’s Constitutional homeopathy treatment is prescribed to Disc Problems which is the most suitable personalized homeopathy treatment suggested after careful analysis of the symptoms, severity, and health condition of each individual. Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for disc problems not only controls the disease effectively but also provides long-term relief by treating the roots of the problem and improving overall wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is pain in the leg common when you have herniated disc problem?

When herniated disc problems occurred to discs in the lower lumbar region then they will radiate pain to the legs and arms

2. What are the options for herniated disc problems other than surgery?

To avoid surgery, a patient needs to go for medication in the early stages once you found about it. With homeopathy treatment, you will get long-term relief from the pain associated with disc problems.

3. Are bulging discs normal in an adult?

To a certain extent, bulging discs are natural and an adult can live a normal life until they do not cause symptoms. Bulging discs are extremely common in elderly people whose bodies have gone through lots of ordinary wear and tear throughout their life. In these conditions, they can be considered normal.

4. Is there any link between disc problems and aging?

Even though these problems are mostly seen in people with age between 35 and 55, they are not related to only age but relate to how you move your spine.

5. What are the common spinal conditions that cause lower back pain?

Common spinal conditions that cause lower back pain include herniated disc, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, muscle strain or spasm, and fracture of the spine caused by osteoporosis.