Homeopathy Treatment
For Back Pain

Homeopathy Treatment for Back Pain

Back Pain:

Back pain became a common complaint among all age groups these days even though it is usually experienced by elder people in their professional life. Children are also suffering from back pain due to incorrect posture and an unhealthy lifestyle. In these modern times, people need to spend hours together on various gadgets as part of their professional work which leads to back pain problems in their present or future. Most people don’t bother about their posture of standing or sitting which is the primary reason for Back pain. In long run, this incorrect posture has to deal with damages to the spine.

Lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, and obesity can play a key role in this damage. Bones and muscles in the back start to be sore, stiff, and aching. This pain grows from the neck to the tail bone of the body. Severe back pain can limit or restrict movement and further makes a person disabled if not treated in the early stages. It is the major reason for absenteeism in schools, colleges, and offices.

Types of Back Pain

1. Sprains and strains: These can happen suddenly or slowly. A sprain in the back is an inflammation of ligaments whereas a strain is damage occurred to the muscles of the back.

2. Disc degeneration: it occurs due to wear and tear of the spinal disc

3. Herniated or bulging disc: it occurs when the jelly-like soft interior of the disc pushes out through a tear of the shell-like exterior of the disc. It causes nearby nerves to start to ache.

4. Fractured vertebra: It is compression of the vertebra. Usually, it occurs due to aging and weakness.

5. Scoliosis: it is due to the abnormal curvature of the spine.

Causes of back pain

● Muscle strain or ligament sprain 
● Bulging or ruptured disks 
● Arthritis
● Osteoporosis 
● Skeletal irregularities
● Kidney problems
● Sciatica
● Stress

Symptoms of back pain

● Muscle ache 
● Shooting or stabbing pain 
● Pain that radiates down the leg 
● Pain that worsens when bending, lifting, standing, or walking 
● Pain that improves with reclining

Homeopathy Treatment for Back Pain

Homeopathy treatment for back pain is natural, safe, and effective in controlling stiffness and pain. Along with Physiotherapy and posture awareness, homeopathy treatment gives the best results to all age groups. A patient can get back to her/his routine normal life more efficiently within a few days of homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy treatment works as a muscle relaxant and it has no side effects.

Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment for Backpain- Dr. Morlawar's

At Dr. Morlawar’s, a well-known expert in Constitutional Homeopathy doctor prescribes the best suitable and personalized treatment based on symptoms and severity of the back pain of the patient. Constitutional homeopathy treatment helps the patient by restoring muscle movement and by controlling the pain and stiffness in the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the role of posture in back pain?

Poor posture of standing or sitting puts additional pressure on muscles or ligaments of the spine. So it is better to maintain the right posture all the time to avoid or reduce back pain and other problems.

2. Is excess weight increase back pain?

Yes, excess weight puts more strain on the muscles of the spine. To give relief from back pain, doctors suggest you lose weight while treating back pain problems.

3. Why do many people suffer from back pain?

There are various reasons for various people to suffer from back pain like arthritis, poor posture, obesity, smoking, psychological stress, or diseases like a kidney stone, kidney infections, blood clots or bone loss, etc.

4. What causes acute back pain?

Acute pain back often occurs in high-impact accidents such as sports injuries or auto accident injuries. A heavy lifting injury or violent twisting of the spine may also cause painful muscle tears.

5. What are some causes of chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain may be the result of overuse injuries or repetitive motions that strain major muscle groups.

6. Why is my back pain accompanied by leg pain?

Lower back pain accompanied by leg pain, mostly a sign of sciatica. This complaint usually occurs when a disc or other structure presses against the sciatic nerve roots.