Homeopathic Treatment of Hypertension


Homeopathic Treatment of Hypertension

Homeopathy treatment helps a person to bring balance back to their internal system. This is why it is very effective in treating hypertension. With the help of homeopathy treatment, you do not risk the chance of any side effects or harming any other organs in your body. Good homeopathy treatment will not only help you control blood pressure but it also ensures effective treatment for the problem. At Dr.Morlawar’s, we advise our patients to go through certain lifestyle changes along with the treatment to cure hypertension effectively.


Hypertension is a common health condition. The number of people who die every year because of hypertension-related cardiovascular diseases is continually rising every year. Controlling hypertension is becoming an extremely important subject for doctors and patients around the globe. Your heart needs to work harder when you have high blood pressure this leads to a number of anomalies in your body which include hardening of the arteries, kidney-related diseases, stroke and it may even be the reason for developing heart failure. There are a lot of factors that may be involved in causing hypertension. While a lot of people may experience high blood pressure when they are dealing with stress or when they are exercising, hypertension is caused when a person continually suffers from high blood pressure. Generally, blood pressure varies at different times of the day, depending on your activities, but if it is regularly higher than normal – which is 120/80 – then it is important to consult a doctor. At Dr.Morlawar’s, we try to look at the underlying problems that may be affecting blood pressure and we ensure that your body regains its normal blood pressure for a longer period.

Symptoms and Signs

High blood pressure is often called “the silent killer”. This is because it is difficult to read the signs and symptoms causing this health condition. Hypertension is one of the biggest reasons for cardiovascular diseases because patients are unable to identify their health condition promptly. High blood pressure narrows the blood vessels and makes it difficult for organs affected by the high blood pressure to work effectively. This is why it can lead to kidney failure, cause heart-related problems, cause a stroke affecting the brain of the patient and in certain cases it may even lead to amputation of certain body parts like the legs.


Hypertension is diagnosed by doctors by taking blood pressure readings. Just one reading is not proof enough that a person may be suffering from hypertension. It is important to take many readings at different intervals to check the person’s blood pressure. If a person shows elevated readings in three separate days, then the doctor can identify that a person is suffering from hypertension. Additional questions regarding medical history, the medicines you take, previous illnesses, previous instances of high blood pressure and heart problems help the doctor diagnose the problem effectively and find out the possible reasons for hypertension.

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